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Cyclingjerseys- and Cyclingshortsfabric

– 100 % Polyester

– breathable and Super Dry

– comfortable air- and moisturetransport

– permanent combats bakteria and thus reduce odor

The Padding:

The Padding is esential for every Cyclingshort. We only trust in top-quality products. Our Cyclingshort-paddings are characterised by their Multi Density Foam and their 3D-elasticity. Every pad is a composite of multible different dense foams, to ensure a optimal damping. Besides that the pad is low-weight and elastic in every direction.


Our goal is, to make individual designed Cyclingshorts with high-quality standards. The cyclingshorts are produced of an very elastic and funktional fabric, the short is designed without any sewing in critical areas, and the seat pads are bi-elastic. The pant legs are provided with an anti-slip coating.


We only trust in renowed european fabric-manufacturers. We only us fabrics of high quality. We only choose fabrics which are comfortable to wear while still ensure the optimal funktionality. The moisture gets transportet out and evaporates quickly.


The seams on the Cyclingshorta are a combination of Overlock and Flatlock, by the design of the shorts we especially made sure that there where as few as seams as possible on Critical areas. Our sewing thread is thearproof and elastic, so that the seams and the fabrics both are stretch which make the pants even more robust.

imprint and colours

The imprints are computer-controlled, to a a millimetre accurate and razor-sharp.The printing takes place thanks too the Dye-sublimation-method. This method binds the colour molecules to the fabric fibres at a molecular level. The fabric stays soft and breathable. The Imprintigns can’t be washed out.


Even with our Zippers we don’t take any chances, to ensure the highest possible quality in every part of our product.

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