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TOP fashionable sport outfits in “Trachten-Style”!

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TOP stylish cycling-outfits & t-shirts imprintet with an individual design according to your wishes

We will Imprint to your personal preferences on cyclingset or shirts, for your company or event. You bring us an Idea and we will make you the Individual design you allways wanted!

Biking 4 Butterfly Children

Biking 4 Butterfly Children

Biking 4 Butterfly Children

The design “Biking 4 Butterfly Children” is for an charity initiative we archieved with the organistation “Debra Austria”. So if you buy somethin of the “Biking 4 Butterfly Children Edition” 10,00 Euro will be donated to butterfly children! “Debra Austria” is an patient group which helps people who are suffering under Epidermolysis bullosa (EB).Those affected are often called “butterfly children”, because their skin is as vulnerable as the wings of an butterfly.

Blau_sketch_shortsleeves_08.08.12:Layout 1.qxd


The design “Running 4 Butterfly Children is for an charity initiative which we started in the course of the “Vienna City Marathon”. Thats why we createt this collection in the year 2015 which you could see at the “Vienna City Marathon 2015″ the very first time.


CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA)develops software, which helps companys with the cutover to the Application Economy.Software is central in every company in every industrie. CA Technologie covers the whole range from engineering, development, to management and security and thats why the work with companys all around the globe to change the way we live, communicate and transact business. To put the company even at Events in good perspective and show their affiliation we createt this Trikot for them.


Every year the company Adiago partakes on multiple Bike-events in all of Austria. To represent the company and show the affiliation we createt a company own Cycling-design for Adiago. As a provider of advisory service, the company is specialised in analysis, planning, execution and supervision of procurement process.


The “Edelweiss LInie” was designed for the leading airline in switzerland, who wanted an individual and funny Design for the Uniform of their stewardesses. The company is very attached to one’s native soil, thats why we created a “Trachten-Edelweiss” design for them. Over 1,2 Million people fly with the airline to 28 different countries every year.



This design we made for the Company “Holzmeister” for an campain to promote E-bikes. The design should present the company and raise the level of awareness. Along with it we planed a sportingly event to present and sell the Design.





We love crazy, innovative ideas – that’s how this collection came about.
This new ‘Tracht’ collection from mtb-trachten mixes the traditional with the modern.
Introducing our local culture to the world



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